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GVI has become the most trusted, and requested fire pump test meter in the world. The reason? Simple, we offer the greatest accuracy, we carry the longest warranty (a FULL 5 Years), and our customer service / responsiveness to client needs is second to none. We didn’t become #1 by accident.

And GVI has become even better. Not only are all test meters MADE IN THE USA, now we are machining all venturis in house. This gives us more control over quality, tighter tolerances, and a clear advantage over cast or spun venturis. ZERO imperfections! All venturis are produced from domestic US steel, ensuring the final product is only the finest fire pump flow meter.

Consistent, identical, and accurate, every time!

If you are a current client of Global Vision and have witnessed the GVI meter in action, you already know just how accurate the meter is. If you have not yet stepped into the Global Vision world, then you are in for a real surprise.

Once you do business with GVI you might feel as if you’re working with a small family business, and that’s because you are. GVI is family owned, and those family values are embedded into every action and decision made. Every venture is treated fairly with dignity and respect, employees and customers alike.

Global vision is truly a cut Above the rest, on so many levels. Once you start working with us, you will know exactly what that means.

Congratulations on finding GVI, and we look forward to serving your needs.

Again, welcome to Global Vision.

Vendor Showcase

Global Vision Fire Pump test meters / Zonecheck

Global Vision Fire Pump test meters / Zonecheck

GVI has become the worlds #1 flow meter manufacturer. With our Patent Pending venturi design, accuracy is far superior to all others. Our Digital Gauge is 4-20 ma transmitter with accuracy of .5%. It is clear why GVI is the industry leader for Fire Pump Test Meters. read more