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The Fireboy Advantage:
Fireboy-Xintex has designed safe and effective clean agent fire suppression systems for enclosed spaces for over forty years. The clean agents, HFC-227ea and 3M Novec 1230, leave no water or powdery residue. Manual and automatic systems are available. A Fireboy-Xintex automatic fire suppression system extinguishes fire faster than any personnel response, resulting in a quicker "fire-out" time with less damage.

Fire & Gas Detection:
Fireboy-Xintex Fire Detection systems range from a simple, single zone system with a few detectors to a fully addressable system with 256 monitoring devices for large vessels.

Fireboy-Xintex also offers a comprehensive line of detection systems for Gasoline, Propane (LPG), CNG and LNG used for marine, transportation and other commercial applications.

Carbon Monoxide:
Fireboy-Xintex has been a leader in Carbon Monoxide detection for over 30 years and our new products are leading the industry!

Aetna Engineering:
Precision Digital Tachometers for a variety of Marine and Industrial applications.

Fireboy-Xintex founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA in 1973, was followed by the opening of Fireboy-Xintex Ltd. in Poole, Dorset, UK in 2006. Since it’s founding and expansion Fireboy-Xintex continues to be a leader in the innovation of safety products for Recreational, Commercial, Marine, Transportation, and Industrial Markets.

Our dedication to manufacturing the highest quality products continually positions us to be the supplier of choice for the majority of customers across the industries we serve. The Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems meet FM, USCG, EPA, MCA, ISO 9094, and Worldwide Approvals, and the carbon monoxide and gas detectors are designed and manufactured to satisfy the regulatory standards demanded of this class of products.

The USA and UK facilities encompass our manufacturing, engineering, market research, sales, and customer service departments and are ISO 9001 Certified QMS Companies. To guarantee our customers the most reliable and safe products, each is thoroughly tested and inspected prior to shipment.

The engineering teams at Fireboy-Xintex are continuously creating and innovating new products to meet the ever-changing market requirements with superior
quality and performance. The quality manufactured into each of our products means selecting Fireboy-Xintex is selecting peace of mind for your business.