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2D2C, Inc. is a manufacturer of electrical safety and energy management wiring devices. 2D2C, Inc. manufactures the premiere line of fire and shock safety wiring devices under the "SafePlug" brand. These devices meet the requirements set by CSA Std 265 for Out of Parameter Circuit Interrupters (OPCI-I, OPCI-V). Electrical fires can ignite from either arc or resistive heating and thus good protection requires both AFCI and OPCI protection.

2D2C, Inc. has supported development of new and/or improved UL, CSA and NEMA standards for electrical safety technology including residential wiring devices, AFCI and OPCI to prevent fires, GFCI and Tamper Resistant receptacles to prevent electrocutions, and AFCI for solar photo voltaic generator (PV) installations since 2002. 2D2C, Inc is a dedicated, hard working member of UL, CSA, NEMA, NFPA, and IAEI for the purpose of improving electrical safety and reducing the incidence of electrical ignitions in homes.