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For over 40 years Log Books Unlimited has been supplying log books to some of the largest businesses in North America, and more recently - across the globe; specializing in providing many specific industries with their precise record-keeping requirements and their legally accountable evidences. In a rapidly changing technological world, we are becoming very digital; except in record-keeping. Hard bound Log Books are still harder to tamper with than digital input, and access to them less daunting than computer file search. The ease of use, high caliber structure, and professional look of our product speaks volumes for your companies integrity. Some of the industries or business sectors that rely on our products and expertise are: Government,
Fire Services, Hotels, School Boards, Marine Transportation, Airlines and Property Management.

With friendly and knowledgeable assistance, we will recommend a stock item that may best suit your needs, or work with you to have our layout professionals devise the perfect customized solution. Give us a call on our toll-free number 1-877-564-2665 , or peruse the LBU catalogue showing page samples of our standard items at